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Condo Rentals

Les Habitations d’Aujourd’hui offers you the opportunity to rent condo units in some of their residential projects.

Live in a condo for the same amount as a rent!

Renting a condo in one of our developments offers you a unique opportunity to benefit from all the advantages of a condo without having to pay taxes and condo fees.

For less than $1000 per month, including electricity and heating, you could be living in one of our condominiums. We also make it possible to rent it with an option to purchase.

New condos by Habitations d’Aujourd’hui are built to suit your tastes and lifestyle. Our residential developments are built in select residential areas, located close to many services, all contributing to an exceptional quality of life.

Units for rent

4 ½ condo units for rent

4 ½ condo units for rent

4½ condo units for rent available now exclusively from Les Gestions HD. Elegant and high quality units starting from $850/month.

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For less than

1 000$

per month, including electricity and heating

Would you like to rent a condominium in one of our developments?

Contact us to find out more about condo units currently available for rental or to obtain information on rent-to-own condo options.